SC Might Just End Sales Tax on Ammunition

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman, File

In fairly recent years, we’ve seen ammunition prices be reasonable and we’ve seen them being stupid. With inflation being what it is, we know which end of the spectrum we’re at now.


And that’s bad because, well, guns are kind of useless without ammo.

That means people aren’t just in a position to defend themselves, they’re not in a position to train as much as they would otherwise, and we all know that training is a good thing.

We also should recognize that there’s not a lot the government can do to mitigate this fact. Especially not at the state level.

But one South Carolina lawmaker has a plan.

If you’re a South Carolina gun owner, there’s a chance you could be able to buy ammunition without a sales tax in the future, if a new proposal becomes a law.

State Rep. Ashley Trantham, R-Greenville, filed a bill ahead of the legislative session that begins in January that would eliminate the sales tax on small arms ammunition. This would include ammunition for any “portable firearm,” which could include “rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers with no barrel greater than an internal diameter of .50 caliber or a shotgun of ten gauge or smaller,” the bill reads.

Small arms ammunition is normally what gun owners keep in a purse, by their bedside or in their vehicle, Trantham said. These weapons are used for personal protection, she added, which is why she is pushing to eliminate the sales tax only for for small arms ammunition and not bigger guns used for hunting or other uses.

“We have open borders, and more than ever, we just don’t know who we’re going to come across,” Trantham said. “When we’re out shopping, when we’re even in our homes. I’m seeing cases where there’s home invasions, things like that happening, more rapid than I can remember in the past ever seeing it.”

Trantham said she filed the bill based on a request from a constituent. South Carolina, Trantham said, should “definitely” not pursue gun control laws that she said would make it harder for people to protect themselves.


Of course, the definition being thrown around for “small arms” isn’t the most accurate one out there. After all, rifles are considered “small arms” in general, so the term should apply.

This is more specifically pistol ammunition, which is what most people use for self-defense.

It’s not perfect because it does seem to exempt defensive rifles and shotguns, but it’s still a nice step forward and one that makes a lot of sense.

What’s more, it shouldn’t antagonize the anti-gunners since that bunch tends to complain that law-abiding citizens aren’t trained well enough. They should support anything that makes it easier for people to train and removing sales tax will do just that.

Yet we have no indications of whether there’s enough support to make this happen or not, but we can sincerely hope that this does pass. It’s a huge win across the board for folks in South Carolina.

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