Tulsa PD Chief, DA Accused of Railroading Officer To Prevent Race Riot in Terence Crutcher Shooting

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Man Arrested After Threatening Mass Murder, Parricide Over Trump Win

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Why Should You Take A Force-On-Force Training Class?

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Betty Shelby Was Justified In Shooting Terence Crutcher. Here’s Why.

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How Does Your Defensive Ammo Stack Up Against What The Cops Use?

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Supreme Court Rules Gun Purchasers Must Report If Buying Guns For Other People

Has Gun Panic-Buying Set In Because Of The Islamic Terrorist Attack In Orlando?

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Grammar Expert/Serial Rapist Weighs In On Orlando Terror Attack

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73 Federal Agents Killed, 174 Wounded In Botched Gun Control Raid

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Second Amendment, NRA Go “Under The Gun” in Documentary

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Man Flees Troopers Only to be Shot by a Homeowner he Assaulted

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